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Mike Miller

Apacheria Gravel

Meet Mike Miller, a guy deeply woven into the fabric of the cycling world since way back in 1969. But let's rewind a bit. Mike's love affair with bikes began at 13 years old in Fargo, North Dakota. He was feeling that itch for adventure, wanting to explore the vast farmlands of the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota, and a bicycle was just the ticket.

Fast forward to his college years at the University of Denver in the '70s and '80s, where Colorado, particularly Boulder, and Denver, became the hotspot for professional bicycle racing. Mike was drawn into the scene even deeper after experiencing the thrill of events like the Red Zinger Classic and the Coors International Classic.

In 1996, Mike brought his passion for cycling to life by opening the HandleBar & Grill, a cycling-themed joint in Denver's Washington Park area. It became a neighborhood staple until 2007. During this time, he rubbed shoulders with big names in the cycling world like Michael Aisner and Len Pettyjohn, who inspired him to start organizing his own races and community events.

From 2000 to 2004, Mike ran two mountain biking race series in the Rocky Mountain Region, showcasing his dedication to the sport. Fast forward again to 2021 when Mike decided to shake things up by moving to Tucson, Arizona, after selling his Basil Doc's Pizza venture.

In 2023, Mike rediscovered his love for gravel biking during the Belgian Waffle Ride in Cave Creek, AZ. It was a game-changer, reigniting his passion for the sport. And so, the Apacheria Gravel event was born!

Now, Mike's on a mission to bring the thrill of gravel biking to Cochise County in Southeast Arizona. The inaugural Apacheria Gravel event will be held on November 16, 2024, along the historic Geronimo Trail. The whole region is buzzing with excitement for the GRAVEL concept—Apacherias Gravel.

So, saddle up and join the adventure! Head over to for all the juicy event details. Let's hit the gravel and ride on – "Let'er Eat!"

Event Marketing

Logan Harding

Shadowpoint Media

I've had a camera in my hand since I was 8. I can't remember a time when I wasn't shooting photos or video of SOMETHING! And I can't imagine doing anything else. With a bachelor's degree in Media Production, over 20 years experience in photography, over 15 years experience in video, and the license and insurance to fly drones commercially, I love tackling projects that challenge my creative ability!

To support my creative mind, I have a deep appreciation for coffee! Fresh roasted, single origin, delightful coffee. It's not an addiction...I could quit any time. But why...?

I am a family guy. My beautiful wife and adorable kids are a huge reason for me running this business. The 9-5 office just doesn't cut it for us. I want to be with them while they grow and teach them along the way. And for me, that looks like creating amazing content for you while I'm able to share my time with my family.

Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I do all things for His glory. That means that whatever work I do for you, I'm doing it to please Him. I'll do it to the very best of my ability!

Technical Advisor

Dean Crandall

Dean Crandall is a pioneer in officiating at mountain bike (MTB) races (of all levels) and assisted in developing the rules & regulations for the USCF/USA Cycling federation (USA Cycling), NORBA (National Off Road Bicycle Association (MTB racing division of USA Cycling), the world MTB Championships & the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationiale).

Dean served as a member of the USCF Board of Directors (BOD) and was the first elected chairperson of the NORBA Board of Trustees. Crandall served for six (6) years on the UCI MTB Commission where he helped develop MTB stage race rules and regulations for the UCI.

Dean has officiated at nearly every major MTB race in the USA and at many key international events, having been involved as a Commissaire or a Technical Delegate at the first six (6) World MTB Championships. As both a MTB & Road official, Dean has assisted with rules, scheduling & the training of other officials in the USA and internationally. He strives to be fair while maintaining his sense of humor - honoring and respecting the participants 'grievances.'.

Dean helped transition NORBA from an independent (loosely administered) organization to a successful division of USA Cycling. Crandall developed the first training programs for MTB officials, in the USA and internationally. In 1990, Dean passed the first ever UCI MTB Commissaires exam to become one of the first "A" Level officials.

Apacheria Gravel Announcer

Dave Towle

Dave Towle is America’s best known bike race announcer and the Voice of the Belgain Waffle Ride series There is a good chance that if you’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dave’s voice describing a race during the 21st century, you’ve witnessed one of the most important events in cycling history – rest assured you’ve heard the voice of one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable & sincere fans of cycling anywhere on planet earth.

In fact, Dave has emceed every edition of the TOUR of CALIFORNIA, TOUR of UTAH, TOUR of MISSOURI, COLORADO 2 UTAH, and has announced WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, PAN AMERICAN GAMES & US NATIONALS for every level road and cross races.

For anyone that has attended any number of Gravel races over the past few years, they have heard Dave Towle’s voice booming from the sound system, sharing numerous ‘in-side’ stories, insights & enthusiasm, DT’s style is to include, repsect and honor all riders and their respective ability level. Towle is not just a fanatic about cycling, the Colorado resident is simply passionate about all factoids of the surrounding communities and areas relevant to each specific event.

The Apacheria Gravel is fortunate that Mike Miller, the Apacheria Gravel Promoter has a long time relationship with Dave -starting in the early 2000’s at the HandleBar & Grill restaurant in Denver and then transitioning to the Basil Doc’s Pizza concept. The inaugural Apacheria Gravel is honored to have Dave teaming up with the event – Dave’s acceptance of the invitation to announce the Inaugural event is testimony to his continued support of all things Gravel.

Timing Professional

David Halliburton

A native New Mexican who calls warm, sunny Las Cruces his home, David likes riding bikes and doing bike stuff. Over the past 20ish years this has included promoting events, serving as a USACycling official, and working a variety of events in New Mexico, Arizona, and West Texas. In addition to the inaugural Apacheria Gravel, David’s other work includes signature events like the Zia Rides race series, the El Paso Puzzler, 12 Hours of Old El Paso, and his hometown’s own Horny Toad Hustle.

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